Brooke Private Equity Associates’ investment philosophy has been developed and implemented throughout our long history in the asset class. We employ a disciplined investment approach across all BPEA programs. It is our belief that successful funds and programs are built upon the following principles:

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Diversification & Balance
We believe that funds and programs should have an appropriate number of investments across multiple investment strategies. These investments should be diversified by sector, vintage year, size and region. We also believe that direct investments are an important component of any private equity portfolio.
Operational Expertise and Value Add
We focus on managers with significant private equity and operational experience who add value to their portfolio companies. These managers may be established and well-capitalized with a strong track record and may also be emerging managers with the potential to be future leaders. We invest in funds and companies we understand, where we have have the ability to add value and influence outcomes.
Our focus and expertise allows us to provide customized solutions and separate account programs for institutional investors.  We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and long term goals in order to develop best-in-class programs that meet their individual needs.
We believe that partnerships are instrumental to success. We view our limited partners as true partners and in turn, we expect our fund managers to view BPEA as a partner.
...three key implications for those who lead venture capital and private equity firms. First, finding and developing successful investors is mostly a matter of recognizing people who have the right traits and letting them learn through experience. Second, in order to get the best out of talented investors and maintain a sense of adventure in the organization, it is important to find ways to create structure and focus while still challenging people to push the envelope. Third, the key to striking the right balance between focus and adventurousness is to create an inspiring vision that the people in the organization believe is achievable. —Peter Brooke from “A Vision for Venture Capital