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Brooke Private Equity Associates’ ("BPEA") history dates back to the inception of the asset class. Peter Brooke, BPEA co-founder, founded two of the world’s leading private equity firms: TA Associates (“TA”) in 1968 and Advent International (“Advent”) in 1984.

During this period, Peter was also instrumental in building private equity firms around the world. Beginning in 1988, Peter Brooke and John Brooke began to invest family capital in small buyout and growth managers, while also co-investing alongside them. This approach allowed the Brooke family to remain invested in the small end of the market, which TA and Advent had moved out of as their fund sizes grew. In 2002, Brooke Private Equity Associates was founded in an effort to institutionalize this strategy and develop programs that provide investors exposure to areas of the market that are difficult to invest in, yet drive significant returns. Today, the team at Brooke Private Equity Associates continues to build on its extensive history in the asset class by providing private equity solutions to investors through separate accounts, comingled funds and direct investment programs.